Monday, February 19, 2018

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Nothing Boring Here – These 5 Adventure Games are Big on Action

Traditional point-and-click adventure games are an important part of gaming history. Without the adventure genre, we’d never have classic games like Monkey Island, Gabriel Knight, Syberia, and many others. These days, adventure games have...

YouTube Gaming expands to new markets, improves its browsing and viewing experience on mobile

 YouTube Gaming, the video network’s dedicated application for streaming and recorded game videos, and competitor to Amazon-owned Twitch, this morning announced an expansion into several more markets and a host of new features aimed at offering... the most viral news

Why Steam Has Absolutely Nothing to Fear From Microsoft

Oh dear. Microsoft is at it again. Microsoft reverted to its old anti-competitive behavior, and is now trying to use its market dominance to exert Apple-style control over the distribution of apps and games. At least, that’s the... the most viral news

7 Big Gaming Forums for Non-Stop Video Game Talk

One of the big lies about gamers is that they’re all anti-social. In my experience, the flipside is true: gamers love to socialize (though their preferred methods of communication do skew towards the digital)....

Color Switch Falls To The No. 2 Games Slot (But Is Still As Addictive...

 Did you hear about that crazy-popular game that sat in the No. 1 Games spot on iTunes for more than a month and a half? I’ll give you a hint, it has color in the...

Activision Blizzard Closes Its $5.9B Acquisition Of King, Makers Of Candy Crush

 Activision Blizzard today announced that it has closed its acquisition of King Digital for $5.9 billion, a deal that it says makes it the largest game network in the world with more than 500...

Razer Raises At A $1.5B Valuation, With $75M From China’s Digital Grid For Immersive...

 Razer, the gaming technology company based out of Southern California, has raised another round of funding, a Series C that values it at $1.5 billion, TechCrunch has learned. The backing comes in part from... the most viral news

The 5 Best Sites to Play Free Board Games Online

Board games are great, but if you’re as addicted to them as I am, you don’t always have enough people around when you want to play (which is all the time). Fortunately, there’s a... the most viral news

10 Essential PS4 Games You’ll Want to Play in 2016

2016 looks to be another excellent year for the PS4. Following a year of outstanding gaming performances by Bloodborne, Rocket League (I know, not exclusive, but SO FUN), Until Dawn, and plenty more, how will... the most viral news

9 Things Blade & Soul Beginners Absolutely Need to Know

Korean MMO Blade & Soul is currently surging in popularity, having made a full transition to the Western market. Not only is it a highly enjoyable MMO with stylized Wuxia art and a brisk,...