Monday, February 19, 2018
A Bangladeshi man with a rare disease that's covered his hands with tree bark-like growths has undergone surgery. (Video source: Reuters)
Watch the video above, where someone can be heard imploring, “Shut your door, shut your door!” (Video source: AP)
Donald Trump supporters and protesters clashed once again following an afternoon rally the Republican presidential frontrunner held in Cleveland, Ohio, on Saturday, where he accused protesters of being Democratic rival Bernie Sanders followers. (Video source: Associated Press)
On Twitter, you have only 140 characters in a tweet. And it turns out, that's all you need to ask one very important question. Anuj Patel asked Sumita Patel to marry him Twitter, and that's also how they...
One dog is dead and several others injured after a snowmobiler crashed into two teams shortly after the midway point of the Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska. (Video source: Reuters)
Hillary Clinton on Saturday charged Republican frontrunner Donald Trump with encouraging violence and aggression. His "ugly, divisive rhetoric" was "not only wrong, but dangerous", Clinton told supporters in Cleveland. (Video source: Associated Press)
The First Daughters met a real life superhero on Thursday, and their faces said it all. (Video source: Entertainment Tonight)
Mother Teresa, the nun who cared for the poorest of the poor across India, will be given official approval to be declared a saint on Tuesday. Pope Francis signed off on the miracle needed for sainthood on his...
While out fishing on the open water on his kayak, this fisherman encountered a hungry bull shark who continuously went at his big catch and tore it to pieces. (Video source: Jukin Media)
Minutes after GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio began addressing a crowd of mostly supporters in Central Florida, a man rose to protest against the Florida senator, claiming Rubio "stole" his girlfriend in New Hampshire. (Video source: AP)