'Deadpool' is the highest-grossing X-Men movie


Deadpool had the best opening for an R-rated flick ever, but he’s still upset. There’s just no pleasing that guy. Holding on to the No. 1 spot for the second week in a row is “Deadpool,” bringing in an estimated $55 million and pushing its domestic total past $235 million. To give you an idea of just how well the R-rated superhero is doing, after just 10 days, “Deadpool” has grossed more money domestically than any of the seven other X-Men films did during their entire box office runs.Maybe Fox should have done this earlier instead of greenlighting two terrible movies about Wolverine. For the fourth week in a row, “Kung Fu Panda 3” stayed in the top three, bringing in an estimated $12.5 million. This is also the second week in a row that Fox has taken the top two spots at the box office. Taking the No. 3 spot this week is “Risen.” The faith-based film brought in an estimated $11.8 million in its debut — a solid opening for a film that cost just $20 million to produce. While we all knew Deadpool was going to take the No. 1 spot, this was still a fairly crowded weekend at the box office with three new wide releases. “Risen” beat out the critically acclaimed horror flick “The Witch” as well as the Jesse Owens biopic “Race.”Faith-based films tend to have … well, a faithful audience — despite rotten reviews. That being said, “Risen” isn’t catching the same flack that many faith-based films get. One critic from Vulture writes, “For a film that could have easily become bogged down in Sunday school reverence, or culture-war opportunism, ‘Risen’ presents an intriguing, oblique approach to a Bible movie.”As for next week, a lot of CGI and a lot of Egyptians played by white guys.