Live is having a moment



Screenshot 2016-03-23 14.54.13Live is having a moment

Twitter, while live is having a moment, turned 10 this week and  has apparently made Live its entire organizing principle. At an all-hands meeting last month, Mark Zuckerberg declared live video a top priority for Facebook. Clearly, Zuck’s directing his fight toward Twitter’s Periscope, a mobile live streaming app which itself competed fiercely with Meerkat.

live is having a moment

Live media is the most dynamic category of mobile storytelling developing today because it’s fast, immersive and consumable in the palm of your hand. It’s everything we love (and occasionally hate) about the internet – immediate, first person, and chaotic as hell. And it’s changing the way we connect with the world’s stories because it’s creating new ways to experience and participate in real-world events. If Live media is as big as Zuck and the rest of the players in the space are betting on, it will transform how we communicate, tell our stories and get our news. Currently, it’s early days and there’s much left to flesh out.