Where to see this year’s Oscar-nominated movies


The Oscars will handed out Sunday but there’s still time to catch up on this year’s nominated movies.Listed below are the nominees in several major categories — and where you can see them now.Best Picture“The Big Short” — Digital download“Bridge of Spies” — Digital download; DVD/Blu-ray“Brooklyn” — Digital download“Mad Max: Fury Road” — Digital download; DVD/Blu-ray“The Martian” — Digital download; DVD/Blu-ray“The Revenant” — In theaters“Room” — Digital download“Spotlight” — Digital downloadBest Actor“Trumbo” (Bryan Cranston) — Digital download; DVD/Blu-ray“The Martian” (Matt Damon) — Digital download; DVD/Blu-ray“The Revenant” (Leonardo DiCaprio) — In theaters“Steve Jobs” (Michael Fassbender) — Digital download; DVD/Blu-ray“The Danish Girl” (Eddie Redmayne) — Digital download
Best Actress“Carol” (Cate Blanchett) — In theaters“Room” (Brie Larson) — Digital download“Joy” (Jennifer Lawrence) — In theaters“45 Years” (Charlotte Rampling) — In theaters“Brooklyn” (Saoirse Ronan) — Digital download
Best Supporting Actor“The Big Short” (Christian Bale) — Digital download“The Revenant” (Tom Hardy) — In theaters“Spotlight” (Mark Ruffalo) — Digital download“Bridge of Spies” (Mark Rylance) — Digital download; DVD/Blu-ray“Creed” (Sylvester Stallone) — Digital download
Best Supporting Actress“The Hateful Eight” (Jennifer Jason Leigh) — In theaters“Carol” (Rooney Mara) — In theaters“Spotlight” (Rachel McAdams) — Digital download“The Danish Girl” (Alicia Vikander) — Digital download“Steve Jobs” (Kate Winslet) — Digital download; DVD/Blu-ray
Best Original Screenplay“Bridge of Spies” — Digital download; DVD/Blu-ray“Ex Machina” — Amazon Prime Instant Video (free with subscription); Digital download; DVD/Blu-ray“Inside Out” — Digital download; DVD/Blu-ray“Spotlight” — Digital download“Straight Outta Compton” — Digital download; DVD/Blu-ray
Best Adapted Screenplay“The Big Short” — Digital download“Brooklyn” — Digital download“Carol” — In theaters“The Martian” — Digital download; DVD/Blu-ray“Room” — Digital download
Best Documentary“Amy” — Amazon Prime Instant Video (free with subscription); Digital download; DVD/Blu-ray“Cartel Land” — Netflix; Digital download“The Look of Silence” — Digital download; DVD/Blu-ray“What Happened, Miss Simone?” — Netflix“Winter on Fire” — NetflixClint Davis covers entertainment and trending news topics for the Scripps National Desk. Follow him on Twitter @MrClintDavis.
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